One of our favorite things to do is to create, launch and host events.

These gatherings allow us to take risks in building something from scratch and collaborate with amazing people and teams in the process.

Sometimes they are intimate salon dinners. Sometimes they are off-the-grid retreats. Sometimes they are multi-day design institutes. Sometimes they are TEDx events. Sometimes the are full-scale conferences.

All of them change our view of the future of learning.

Here are a few that are currently going on or that we've helped create in the past:


SIGNALS FUTURES  A series of 3-day invite-only retreats and multi-day public conferences focused exploring 'immersive technologies and learning'.

Concept: In this age of constant accelerations, leading learning organizations need to send advance scouting parties to explore the next frontiers of learning.  At Signals, a select group of progressive education leaders will explore the future of learning. We will test new technologies. We will time travel. And when we return, we will carry with us the big questions to help us navigate the next wave of global change. Our goal is to reframe our views of learning, to imagine what's possible, and to recharge for the journey ahead.

Locations: US and various international locations.

Partners: Christian Talbot, Founder of BaseCamp school; Viktor Venson, Founder of FutureSculpt

Threshold Design Institute  A series of half-day, day-long, and multi-day workshops and semester / year-long professional development cohorts to support international teachers exploring the relationship between 'human-centered design and learning'.

Concept: While 'design thinking' and other similar innovation / creativity curricular models are rapidly becoming tested in K-12 classrooms, what is often over-looked is how teachers / school leaders can become designers and creatives in their own right. We are interested not only in what students can do, but more importantly how the professional lives of educators can be transformed and amplified along the way.

Locations: International schools in Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean, and South America.

Partners: David Jakes, Founder of David Jakes Designs; Briam Hamm, Director of Innovation at American School Foundation of Monterrey (Mexico)

SparkPlaces A series of 3-day conferences to help progressive educators explore the design of physical learning environments.

Concept: How might we empower educators and school leaders to become 'school designers' of innovative and agile physical learning environments? And how can we empower those individuals and teams to 'hack' their own spaces and fuel future architectural projects to support innovative learning practices?

Locations: San Francisco, California; various.

Partners: Carla Silver, Executive Director, Leadership+Design; Howard Levin, Director of Innovation, Schools of the Sacred Heart (SF).

WONDER Expedition A 3-day off-the-grid retreat bringing together leading minds across the field of education and design to explore unknown questions.

Concept: How might we bring together some of the leading thinkers in the US / world -- focused at the intersection of education, design, and innovation -- to launch a new set of possibilities and partnerships?

Location: Boulder, Colorado.

Partner: WONDER, By Design.