The WONDER Project works closely with partners and collaborators to explore, amplify and develop their:

  • Culture and Community(ies) How might we create the conditions for your values to connect and celebrate your diverse relationships?

  • Experiences and Events How might we create experiences that bring your school together as communities of learners and change agents?

  • Brands and Stories How might we gather and share the spirit of your stories to highlight your unique role in the world?

  • Spaces and Places How might we design physical and digital learning environments fueled by the mission of your school?

Here are a few examples of experiences we're leading or teaming up on:

  • American International School of Budapest: Facilitating the annual administrative leadership / board retreat to identify strategic goals centered on innovation, culture, and leadership. Location: Budapest, Hungry.

  • Anglo-American School of Moscow: Leading a discovery and design process with the school’s leadership team to identify strategies of institutional innovation that affect culture, pedagogy, space, and community. Location: Moscow, Russia.

  • Threshold Design Institute: Co-designing and co-facilitating a year-long 10-school design / innovation cohort of school leader / educator teams from international schools across Latin America. Location: Monterrey, Mexico; various; virtual. Partners: David Jakes of David Jakes Designs, Brian Hamm of ASFM, and Tri-Association.

  • SIGNALS FUTURES: Co-designing and co-facilitating a series of immersive multi-day retreats and conferences for bold, progressive educators who want to explore immersive digital technologies (VR, AR, AI, etc) with an eye on the future of learning. Locations: Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; and more. Partners: Christian Talbot / Basecamp School; Viktor Venson / FutureSculpt.

  • North Springs Charter High School, Fulton County Schools: Leading the visioning process for the architectural design of a 'new' high school campus. Location: Sandy Springs, Georgia. Partner: CDH Partners (architects).

  • CAIS (Canada Association of Independent Schools): Keynoting the annual Heads and Board Chairs Conference with a focus on 'innovation' and 'human-centered design'. Additionally: leading design workshops for educators / school leaders. Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • Meeteetse Schools: Leading the design process to create a 'creativity and problem solving' platform and related professional development for the entire school district. Location: Meeteetse, Wyoming.

  • ECIS (Educational Collaborative of International Schools): Keynoting the annual "Leadership Conference" for Heads of Schools, Superintendents, Trustees, and school leaders, focusing on innovation and school culture. Additionally: customizing and leading a multi-day Prototype Design Lab for school leaders looking to embed 'creativity' and 'innovation' into their leadership roles. Location: Berlin, Germany.

  • Minnehaha Academy: Keynoting and leading an all-day, all-faculty retreat to focus on how school culture and professional collaboration can drive the design of and transition to a bold new middle school and upper school campus. Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Partner: Cuningham Group (architects).

  • Episcopal School of Nashville: Helping the school develop a design strategy to guide their future campus architectural process in advancement of the expansion of their student body with a thematic focus on faith, social justice, equity and community partnerships. Location: Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Tri-Association: Co-developing and co-leading a series of professional development 'design institutes' for international school educators based in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Location: Dominican Republic. Partners: David Jakes Designs and Brian Hamm (ASFM).

  • School of Social Work, University of Southern California: Designing a series of prototype programs and related spatial strategies to help 're-imigine the path of the student' for nearly 4,000 graduate students on campus / virtually each year. Location: Los Angeles, California and virtual platform.

  • "Live Curious, Be Bold" conference, ASFM (American School Foundation of Monterrey): Keynoting the annual 'innovation' educators conference. Additionally: co-leading a series of design workshops for educators and school leaders. Monterrey, Mexico. Partner: David Jakes Designs.

  • St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School: Co-leading professional development to help middle school faculty and leadership transition into their new middle school campus. Additionally: focusing on 'advisory culture' as a way to align the use of new spaces and programs. Location: Georgetown, D.C.. Partner: Sam Chaltain.

And since this list only skims the surface, please ask us about other projects we're involved in... well as Past projects we've been involved in...

...such as when we co-lead the creation and launch of Edutopia's / George Lucas Educational Foundation's celebrated 3-part "Remake Your Class" video series where we re-designed a public middle school math classroom in San Fransisco to help teachers around the world imagine how to hack their own classrooms a few years ago (as part of co-leading The Third Teacher+ team of CannonDesign).